Holy Spirit Gifted and Talented Education

Holy Spirit College has a responsibility to facilitate a positive learning environment which provides inclusive programs that aim to assist all students to reach their full potential. The college endeavours to provide for the full range of needs of gifted students, in order to benefit the individual student, the broader school community, and ultimately the society of the future.

Further KLA specific information is available on the College website:

Annual Educational Opportunities Summary 2017


An Enrichment Class will be introduced in 2020. The Enrichment Class aims to provide a high quality, authentically rigorous program for high ability students within a nurturing Catholic environment, thus enhancing the whole person. This program utilises best practice gifted and talented educational strategies, through specialist qualified staff, delivering a differentiated enrichment program to challenge and engage high ability students.


We aim to celebrate the diverse community of students and nurture their God given talents, by providing an inclusive learning environment. Where appropriate, students will have the opportunity to work on a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) oriented integrated learning project that will enrich and extend their study across multiple curriculum areas, making inroads into taking greater responsibility for their own learning. The SEE will challenge students to develop higher order thinking skills of analysing, evaluating and creating.
It is hoped that the SEE will help students discover their strengths, improve their research and ICT, organisational and time management skills, and further develop a lifelong love of learning.