Holy Spirit Gifted and Talented Education

Holy Spirit College endeavours to provide for the full range of needs of gifted students, in order to benefit the individual student, the broader school community, and ultimately the society of the future.


Enrichment Class 

The Enrichment Class aims to provide a high quality, authentically rigorous educational programs for high ability students within a nurturing Catholic environment, thus enhancing the whole person. This program utilises best practice gifted and talented educational strategies, through specialist qualified staff, delivering a differentiated enrichment program to challenge and engage high ability students.

How is the Enrichment Class different:

– Only teachers with a Gifted and Talented qualification are able to teach this class
– Program delivery is specifically designed to meet the learning needs of high ability students
– Gifted and Talented educational strategies have been integral in the development of programs
– High ability students learn at a faster pace and require more rigor to maintain their interest and to be challenged to allow them to meet their learning potential
– Students (as are all students at Holy Spirit College) are monitored and supported to address their social and academic needs through the Colleges Pastoral Care System.
– Students have demonstrated academic potential in their specific domain (Literacy or Numeracy)

The Enrichment Classes run in the Key Learning Areas of Mathematics, English, HSIE & Science.

Students in other domains such as creative and performing arts and sport are also offered a variety of enrichment opportunities across the college. 

Annual Educational Opportunities Summary 2019