Positive Behaviour for Learning is a framework embedded across schools in the Diocese. The framework identifies our core values at Holy Spirit College as Resilience; Integrity; Spirit and Excellence. These values direct our sets of positive behaviours for each area of the College and allows staff to acknowledge the positive contribution that students make to our community each and every day. It guides the way that staff and students respond to situations and it provides a common language across our community. These values reinforce the aspects of our culture that make Holy Spirit College a distinctive and vibrant Catholic community.

Resilience – The ability of our community to respond to the expectations of the College and positively adapt to change, challenge and adversity.

Integrity – The way our community lives by the truth and demonstrates respect and pride for themselves, others and their environment.

Spirit – The way our community reveals a deep reverence and compassion for all of God’s creation and celebrates our unique Catholic identity

Excellence – Our community is dedicated to achieving personal best and engaging in all aspects of College life.