Social Justice

Social Justice is at the core of what the Student Representative Council students are involved in.

The year is broken into four main themes with a variety of fundraisers and activities happening throughout each term.

Term 1 – Caritas: Project Compassion

Term 2 – St Vincent De Paul: Winter Appeal

Term 3 – Catholic Mission

Term 4 – St Vincent De Paul: Christmas Appeal


Environmental Group

The entire material universe speaks of God’s love, his boundless affection for us. Soil, water, mountains: everything is, as it were, a caress of God. Laudato Si

The Environmental Group began in 2017 to try and improve the level of sustainability at Holy Spirit College.

The group started small by encouraging people to save power and recycle paper and has grown steadily since. The advent of the ‘Return and Earn’ scheme saw the students collecting plastic bottles and cans and taking them to be recycled to generate funds for environmental projects at the school. In just two terms during 2018 the college raised nearly $400, after which the scheme was taken over by St Vincent de Paul to generate money for the local community.

Since then the school has continued to raise funds. The job of collecting the recycled paper from classrooms has been taken over by the Stage 5 Life Skills students who do a wonderful job every week.

The design of a “green” logo for the school is also underway with the Year 7 incorporating this into their “Stewards of Creation” topic in their Catholic Studies classes.

One of the most enjoyable projects have been the recycled clothing sales that the students have run. Members of the college brought in their “pre-loved” clothes which were sold for a very reasonable cost to other members of the college in two clothing sales. Each time over $300 was raised for various charities with the leftover clothes going to Vinnies shops to be sold.

All staff and students involved in the environmental group are enthusiastic, proactive and committed to improving the environment for the Holy Spirit College community and the surrounding area.