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Don't miss Gala 2022 next Wednesday night! A showcase of the talented musical students at Holy Spirit College featuring students from all year groups. The first Gala showcase since 2019 when our current College Captains Georgia and Thomas performed, and who will perform again this year at their final Gala!
Tickets $10 or $30 per family ONLY available via Trybooking

"Books are weights for the mind"

Year 8 Literature Circle students gathered today to chat about the book "The Alchemist." Literature Circles are book clubs run in our Junior year groups for students who love to chat about books while enjoying afternoon tea.

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Come and join us for a showcase of musical talent from students at Holy Spirit College from Years 7 to 12. Tickets on sale now!
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The 8th of August marks the feast day of Australia's first saint, Mary Mackillop. As the founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, Holy Spirit College enjoys a special connection to Mary as this order of religious nuns founded Holy Cross College, educating girls in Bellambi and across the Northern Illawarra.

Throughout her life Mary experienced poverty and her family relied on charity. She also suffered from poor health. In 1871 she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church, and remarkably she commented that she felt God closest to her during this period of adversity. Mary is a significant religious and historical figure in our country; an example of a pioneering woman who recognised that education is one of the most important gifts that a child can receive.

In honouring Mary's legacy it is appropriate to use her own words from 1873:
"We have much for which to be thankful"

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EVENT REMINDER: We are excited for you to join us tomorrow night for our BRAVE parenting conversations web event. Young people are in need of conversations on the big topics of sex, sexting, consent and pornography. As a school community, we are passionate about investing into our community and are looking forward to hosting this important event. Join us for the BRAVE parenting conversation, empowering you to invest into the lives of your children and your children’s children. Click here to register:

Whilst Brad and Emma will make their debut for NSW, former student Keeley Davis will proudly represent her state again in the Women's team, having done so previously.

At HSC we have followed Keeley's career with interest and are extremely proud of her.

Go Brad, Emma, Keeley and the Blues!

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As a school, we are passionate about investing in our college community. Together with "Your Choicez", we will be hosting the BRAVE PARENTING Web Event. Join us to hear David Kobler, youth expert who has spoken to over 300,000 teens, parents and teachers about big topics like sex, consent, pornography and sexting. He will discuss the impact young people face growing up in a hypersexualised society and the incredible opportunity you have in helping shape your child to have a healthy understanding of sex, dating and relationships.
Click here to register:

Holy Spirit College thanks our P&F for supporting the staff and parents/carers in another parent information session.

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